A first-class toastmaster service

When you choose me to be your toastmaster or master of ceremonies, I’ll go the extra mile to make sure your event runs smoothly for you and your guests. Being a toastmaster isn’t just about standing up and saying a few words – it’s about putting guests at ease, keeping things running to time, and making sure that everyone goes away with wonderful memories.

Style with a smile from an experienced toastmaster

Having spent 15 years as a Royal Marine, I know a thing or two about pressured situations, so I can take care of any toastmaster duties with the confidence and ease that you’d expect. You’ve spent long enough planning the event; this is your time to relax and enjoy yourself, while I take care of the formal duties for you.

As a fellow, executive member and former president of the Northern Guild of Toastmasters, I recognise the many advantages of involving a qualified toastmaster in your event. I’ll bring style, class and humour to every occasion, creating an inimitably rich and good-natured atmosphere that you and your guests will love.

Public speaking par excellence…

Key among my skills is in understanding my audience and providing a toastmaster service that’s appropriate to the event. I’m sure you’ve experienced pre-speech nerves before – by employing me as your toastmaster or master of ceremonies, you can free yourself of this added pressure of hosting an event, as my practised and confident delivery keeps the mood of your event buoyant.

As you’d expect from a fellow member of the Northern Guild of Toastmasters, I’m based in the north of England – specifically, the Lancashire and Cheshire areas. However, I’ll gladly travel nationally and even internationally to bring savvy and style to your event.